Thursday, 5 November 2015

Malaysian & ASEAN chess politics in MALAY MAIL

Read FM Peter Long's Malay Mail column dated 5th November 2015
- " For personal gain, revenge but certainly not for the good of the game" :-

Saturday, 26 September 2015

5 States Banned, MCF Elections is Coming Soon.

MCF Elections is around the corner.

In a move by the "powers that be" to hold on to power, 5 States have been banned from taking part in the elections:-
(1) Kuala Lumpur
(2) Putrajaya
(3) Negeri Sembilan
(4) Perlis
(5) Terengganu

The 5 states have been banned for alleged non-payment of Annual Fees.

Its been rumored that the 5 states banned were likely to vote against the incumbents.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

BREAKING NEWS 3, Update: FT and East Coast Affiliates SUSPENDED!

Information from a credible MCFwatch source indicates that 5 MCF affiliates from the Federal Territory and East Coast have been suspended.

The affiliates suspended are KL, Putrajaya, Pahang(Kuantan), Terengganu as well NS have been suspended for non-payment of yearly affiliate fees.

With each affiliate having 3 votes, that's 15 votes taken out of the equation.
Add that to the new voting appointments being made, the upcoming MCF AGM seemed to favour the incumbents.

BREAKING NEWS 2, Update: New Appointments at MCF Confirms MCFwatch Breaking News.

Read, MCF New Appointments

The announcement made at the biro catur wanita mcf blog, partially confirms the earlier Breaking News posted by MCFwatch blog on 14 July 2015, just before Hari Raya.

If one were to count the numbers, what is supposed to be a democratically-elected MCF Council is now in majority-control of the "Appointed" rather than the "Elected". Even Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak does not do this for his cabinet but then again what can one expect from a demoted ex-Deputy Minister of Transportation who was the MB of Perak before that. Most probably his ex-boss ie. Tun Dr.Mahathir saw in him something that ordinary Malaysians were not aware of.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

BREAKING NEWS: MCF Suspends A Few State Affiliates!


In a sign of disrespect of the holy month of Ramadan, the Malaysian Chess Federation or MCF in its just concluded EXCO Meeting at the OCM-Kuala Lumpur, decided to suspend a few state affiliates ahead of the upcoming AGM expected to be held in either August or September of this year.

To further strengthen the incumbents grip on power a few more appointments were made to the
MCF EXCO making the EXCO composition to be made up by a majority of members being there by virtue of being appointed rather then being elected.
Stay tuned to this site for more development. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

A Few Good Men? - CM Fadli Zakaria, one of the few Brave Enough to Expose MCF Wrongdoings, OPENLY!

Of late this blog have not receive any information of wrongdoings committed by MCF officials.
Is it because there are no wrongdoings committed or they have become smarter in covering their tracks especially after the 15th ASEAN+ 2014 in Macau expose where more than USD4,000 went missing and remains unaccounted for in MCF accounts.
MCFwatch hopes a delegate will query this in the upcoming AGM..

Whatever the reason please continue to send materials to this blog so that we can expose the crooks for who they really are - THIEVES who ROBS from All Races, Chinese, Malays & Indians.

Hence, while waiting for the next expose MCFwatch would like to share a fb post by CM Fadli @ Stonemaster, one of a few individual with the bxxxs to openly expose MCF wrongdoings.

MCFwatch would like to pose one question to Stonemaster  - what is kena 'mamak' or tahap 'mamak'?
Just pity those working in Mamak restaurants.

Mohd Fadli Zakaria
20 May at 18:15
Semenjak nama greg..sudah mula muncul semula dalam facebook mengenai aktiviti di sabah dan fadli dah mula berhati2..risau kena "mamak" oleh beliau lagi..Laporan polis dan sprm akan sentiasa cm fadli buat untuk pastikan tahap "mamak" beliau terhadap komuniti catur tidak melampau beliau lanyak2kan..sila sentiasa rujuk laman blog utk kes2 penipuan dan penyelewengan dan salahgunakuasa oleh org2 tertentu dalam mcf..

Sunday, 22 March 2015

3000 MCFwatchers on 22 March 2015

After slightly over 4 months since MCFwatch came online, MCFwatchers reached 3,000 views.
Perhaps, the ongoing NAG in KL caused people to view chess blogs.

Details as follows:
3000 -Time Taken: 2 months & 12 days Date: 10 January 2015 - 22 March 2015.
2000 -Time Taken: 15 days.                    Date: 25 December 2014 - 9 January 2015.
1000 -Time Taken: 1 month & 13 days. Date: 12 November - 24 December 2014.

Friday, 20 March 2015

NAG 2015, 1st Day in SHAMBLES - Proof of Tournament Director & Chief Arbiter INCOMPETENCE

A so-called National Event have gone down the drains, thanks mainly to the incompetent nimkaputs duo of the NAG 2015 Tournament Director and Chief Arbiter.

List of Complaints:
(1) Undesirable Venue
(2) Bad Technical Briefing (less than 10minutes)
(3) Late Publication/Posting of Pairings
(4) All 3 rounds started late (more than 30minutes late)
(5) Even promised late rounds of 6.30pm started late.
(6) U10Girls & U12 Girls started at 7.45PM (after letting the players sit around doing nothing for more than 1 hour).

The Incompetent Tournament Director and Chief Arbiter for NAG 2015 - SHOULD BE SACKED!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Chess Pieces NOT According to FIDE Specs in NATIONAL CLOSED 2015 - INCOMPETENCE of MCF Secretariat or Chief Arbiter or BOTH?

After the incompetence of the MCF led by "demoted" politician Tan Sri Ramli earlier this year in allowing Malaysia to be in arrears with FIDE and lumped together with other 3rd world countries, another issue came up in the currently running National Closed of Malaysia...which is a FIDE-rated event.

The issue revolves around the measurements of the chess pieces used in the current National Closed 2015 which is not as per FIDE specifications. Considering the fact that Tun Dr.Mahathir had "demoted" the MCF President from the Perak MB's post to a mere Deputy Minister's post many years ago it is perhaps not surprising that he surrounds himself with incompetent people.

Read the Posting by CM Fadli aka Stonemaster in the social media:-


Petang semalam selepas tamat kendalikan kejohanan catur tertutup UPNM, cm fadli singgah sekejap di OCM untuk tengok kejohanan catur kebangsaan tertutup lelaki dan perempuan yang sedang berlangsung selama 5 hari..

Sampai sana,alangkah terkejut bila tengok peserta yang bermain menggunakan papan catur saiz petak 1.75inci x 1.75inci iaitu papan saiz catur yang boleh dikatakan tahap level sesuai digunakan di sekolah2 rendah@menengah..sebab papan itu muat untuk meja catur sekolah rendah@menengah....sungguh MEMALUKAN !!! cm fadli terus buat aduan kepada pegawai2 persekutuan catur malaysia (mcf) yang ada pada masa itu iaitu mr yeap dan juga puan fadli juga buat aduan kepada International Arbitor En Hamid dan juga Fide Arbitor En Charles yang ada masa itu..

Di malaysia..biasa kita akan jumpa 3 jenis papan catur iaitu saiz petak 2.1inci x 2.1inci dan 2inci x 2inci dan 1.75inci x 1.75inci..biasanya di malaysia..kalau kejohanan catur national rating atau lain2 kejohanan catur biasa..papan saiz petak 1.75inci x 1.75inci boleh pakai..tiada masalah..cerdik catur pun kadang2 pakai papan saiz petak kecik ini untuk kategori bawah 12 tahun dan 17 tahun.. cm fadli letakkan di meja2 yg top 20 yg terakhir..

Papan saiz petak 2inci x 2inci kalau peringkat MSSM,selalu pakai juga..saiz petak 2inci x 2inci adalah standard MINIMA saiz yg rekomen oleh persekutuan catur dunia(FIDE) kalau nak buat kejohanan catur international fide standard..papan saiz petak 2.1inci x 2.1inci pula adalah biasanya papan keras..itu papan adalah hampir semua kejohanan catur yg fide rated yg gunakan..

Tapi apa yg berlaku di OCM sungguh memalukan..semua peserta yg bertanding di ocm sekarang xfaham ke syarat minima saiz papan yng perlu pakai untuk kejohanan catur fide rated..kejohanan catur kebangsaan tertutup yg disertai oleh semua pemain dari setiap negeri adalah fide rated event..MALU sangat cm fadli..xtahu nak kata apa..sedih !!!

Diharap peserta catur di malaysia jangan mudah TERTIPU kalau pihak persekutuan catur malaysia (mcf) kata yang papan catur saiz petak 1.75inci x 1.75inci boleh digunakan untuk kejohanan catur fide rated event terutama yg konsep standard long time control..kekeke

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Qualified Apology to Lim Tse Pin & Other MCF EXCO Members

After the USD4,320 scandal was highlighted here in 2014, MCFwatch received info that the matter have been raised in the last MCF's EXCO meeting for 2014.

The Crime & "Unofficial" Explanations:

1. Gregory Lau took USD4,320 in Macau during June's ASEAN Age Group 2014.
According to the organisers the money was supposed to be used as a rebate for participants.

2. Initially, when news emerged that USD 4,320 were "stolen", Gregory Lau went about telling his cronies and anybody who wants to believe him that the money were used to pay for Tengku Ahmad Badlishah(MCF Deputy President), Juita(MCF Honorary Treasurer) and other members of the MCF delegation stay in Macau.

3. However, Gregory Lau changed his story when it was highlighted that MCF Deputy President, Honorary Treasurer etc were hosted by Kasparov/Kasparov Foundation. Gregory changed his story by telling people that it has been the practise of MCF to use the rebate money for administrative purposes.

4. In the last MCF EXCO meeting of 2014, Lim Tse Pin asked Gregory Lau to clarify the USD4,320 matter. Instead of clarifying the matter, he just gave Tse Pin the stare.

5. MCFwatch questions are simply this -

A. Has the USD 4,320 taken by Gregory Lau purportedly for MCF administrative expenses appeared in MCF financial accounts for 2014?

B. Could the USD4,320 taken by Gregory Lau in Macau  be used to Update Malaysia FIDE  Arrears.

MCFwatch blog would like to make a "Qualified Apology" to Mr.Lim Tse Pin and other MCF EXCO members who have raised the query re the USD4320 issue in the EXCO meeting which the blog have accused them of doing nothing to check the MCF's Secretary Misuse of Funds/Criminal Breach of Trust.

However, Tse Pin and other EXCO members who queried the matter by only raising the matter and not doing anything else as EXCO members you all are also guilty in abetting the crime in question. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Survey via Poll. Who is Responsible for the Misuse of Funds in MCF ?

Sunday Poll Update!
8 votes casted.
Surprisingly, 4 for Tan Sri Ramli and 4 for Gregory Lau.
MCFwatchers, Please keep on casting your votes.

Please go to the right side of this blog and vote on the POLL-"Who in MCF is Responsible for the Misuse of Funds?".

Much have been said as to who is responsible for the misuse of funds in MCF.

Accusations have been hurled at almost everbody in the MCF EXCO.

MCFwatch decided to conduct a survey to gauge the Malaysian chess community perception on who is responsible for the matter. As at time of post, there have been 4 votes casted - 3 for Gregory Lau & 1 for Tan Sri Ramli.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

1st 2015 Chess News - MALAYSIA in Arrears with FIDE. Proof of MCF's Incompetence.

Refer FIDE website

Congratulations to the MCF led by Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib.
Malaysia is now officially in the INFAMOUS List of 37 Debtor Nations.

The Malaysian chess community wakes up to 2015 with proof of the INCOMPETENCE of the MCF President(& wanabe ASEAN Chess Confederation President) Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, MCF Secretary (& FIDE Social Projects Commission Member) Gregory Lau and Acting MCF Treasurer (& MCF VP ) Haslindah Ruslan who allowed Malaysia to be lumped in the same basket as:-
Bhutan, Congo, El Salvador, Fiji, Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Swaziland, Uganda etc by not paying Malaysia's dues with FIDE.

MCFwatch wonder how much are Malaysia in arrears with FIDE?
Perhaps the USD4320 taken by Gregory Lau(read here) in Macau and whose actions were condoned by MCF EXCO is sufficient to update Malaysia's standings and reputation.
Maybe MCF can borrow the money from Datuk Tan again as per previous incident and the same individual can shortchange him again (read here).