Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Qualified Apology to Lim Tse Pin & Other MCF EXCO Members

After the USD4,320 scandal was highlighted here in 2014, MCFwatch received info that the matter have been raised in the last MCF's EXCO meeting for 2014.

The Crime & "Unofficial" Explanations:

1. Gregory Lau took USD4,320 in Macau during June's ASEAN Age Group 2014.
According to the organisers the money was supposed to be used as a rebate for participants.

2. Initially, when news emerged that USD 4,320 were "stolen", Gregory Lau went about telling his cronies and anybody who wants to believe him that the money were used to pay for Tengku Ahmad Badlishah(MCF Deputy President), Juita(MCF Honorary Treasurer) and other members of the MCF delegation stay in Macau.

3. However, Gregory Lau changed his story when it was highlighted that MCF Deputy President, Honorary Treasurer etc were hosted by Kasparov/Kasparov Foundation. Gregory changed his story by telling people that it has been the practise of MCF to use the rebate money for administrative purposes.

4. In the last MCF EXCO meeting of 2014, Lim Tse Pin asked Gregory Lau to clarify the USD4,320 matter. Instead of clarifying the matter, he just gave Tse Pin the stare.

5. MCFwatch questions are simply this -

A. Has the USD 4,320 taken by Gregory Lau purportedly for MCF administrative expenses appeared in MCF financial accounts for 2014?

B. Could the USD4,320 taken by Gregory Lau in Macau  be used to Update Malaysia FIDE  Arrears.

MCFwatch blog would like to make a "Qualified Apology" to Mr.Lim Tse Pin and other MCF EXCO members who have raised the query re the USD4320 issue in the EXCO meeting which the blog have accused them of doing nothing to check the MCF's Secretary Misuse of Funds/Criminal Breach of Trust.

However, Tse Pin and other EXCO members who queried the matter by only raising the matter and not doing anything else as EXCO members you all are also guilty in abetting the crime in question.