Monday, 25 May 2015

A Few Good Men? - CM Fadli Zakaria, one of the few Brave Enough to Expose MCF Wrongdoings, OPENLY!

Of late this blog have not receive any information of wrongdoings committed by MCF officials.
Is it because there are no wrongdoings committed or they have become smarter in covering their tracks especially after the 15th ASEAN+ 2014 in Macau expose where more than USD4,000 went missing and remains unaccounted for in MCF accounts.
MCFwatch hopes a delegate will query this in the upcoming AGM..

Whatever the reason please continue to send materials to this blog so that we can expose the crooks for who they really are - THIEVES who ROBS from All Races, Chinese, Malays & Indians.

Hence, while waiting for the next expose MCFwatch would like to share a fb post by CM Fadli @ Stonemaster, one of a few individual with the bxxxs to openly expose MCF wrongdoings.

MCFwatch would like to pose one question to Stonemaster  - what is kena 'mamak' or tahap 'mamak'?
Just pity those working in Mamak restaurants.

Mohd Fadli Zakaria
20 May at 18:15
Semenjak nama greg..sudah mula muncul semula dalam facebook mengenai aktiviti di sabah dan fadli dah mula berhati2..risau kena "mamak" oleh beliau lagi..Laporan polis dan sprm akan sentiasa cm fadli buat untuk pastikan tahap "mamak" beliau terhadap komuniti catur tidak melampau beliau lanyak2kan..sila sentiasa rujuk laman blog utk kes2 penipuan dan penyelewengan dan salahgunakuasa oleh org2 tertentu dalam mcf..