Sunday, 19 July 2015

BREAKING NEWS 3, Update: FT and East Coast Affiliates SUSPENDED!

Information from a credible MCFwatch source indicates that 5 MCF affiliates from the Federal Territory and East Coast have been suspended.

The affiliates suspended are KL, Putrajaya, Pahang(Kuantan), Terengganu as well NS have been suspended for non-payment of yearly affiliate fees.

With each affiliate having 3 votes, that's 15 votes taken out of the equation.
Add that to the new voting appointments being made, the upcoming MCF AGM seemed to favour the incumbents.

BREAKING NEWS 2, Update: New Appointments at MCF Confirms MCFwatch Breaking News.

Read, MCF New Appointments

The announcement made at the biro catur wanita mcf blog, partially confirms the earlier Breaking News posted by MCFwatch blog on 14 July 2015, just before Hari Raya.

If one were to count the numbers, what is supposed to be a democratically-elected MCF Council is now in majority-control of the "Appointed" rather than the "Elected". Even Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak does not do this for his cabinet but then again what can one expect from a demoted ex-Deputy Minister of Transportation who was the MB of Perak before that. Most probably his ex-boss ie. Tun Dr.Mahathir saw in him something that ordinary Malaysians were not aware of.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

BREAKING NEWS: MCF Suspends A Few State Affiliates!


In a sign of disrespect of the holy month of Ramadan, the Malaysian Chess Federation or MCF in its just concluded EXCO Meeting at the OCM-Kuala Lumpur, decided to suspend a few state affiliates ahead of the upcoming AGM expected to be held in either August or September of this year.

To further strengthen the incumbents grip on power a few more appointments were made to the
MCF EXCO making the EXCO composition to be made up by a majority of members being there by virtue of being appointed rather then being elected.
Stay tuned to this site for more development.