Friday, 21 November 2014

USD4,320 Missing - Probing Further.

To get to the bottom of the story MCFwatch spoke to 3 persons (1 MCF Exco & 2 MCF x-Exco).

1. It is CONFIRMED that the person who signed "Gregory Lau" took the USD4,320 as his name was on the Payment Voucher of the organisers accounts/financial documents..

2. On 30th October 2014 (refer PS1), Hamid Majid emailed to MCF President and copy to MCF EXCO members outlining the case of the "missing" rebate due to participants of the 15th ASEAN Age Group. He also enclosed copy of supporting documents like Payment Voucher, List of Participants etc.

Subject:ASEAN Age Group 2014
Date:Thu, 30 Oct 2014 07:47:10 +0800
From:Hamid <> <>, Ismail Ahmad <>, Ismail Ahmad<> <>, Gregory Lau<>, Lim Tse Pin <>, 'tabs'<>, Tengku Ahmad badli shah Raja hussin <>, elgin meng<>, Nik Ahmad Farouqi Nik Abdul Aziz <>, Michael Yeap<>
Since the documents are available to all EXCO members, it can be said that all should be aware of the seriousness of the matter as among the members is a politician, a lawyer and a retired police personnel betwen them. Taking no action would prejudice all EXCO members as they are all involved and "guilty by association" and would be implicated if no action were taken.

More updates were made available after the National Rapid event.
Matter were discussed among parents.

Was made to understand that someone but not exactly whom said that Hamid has no locus standi on the matter as he is not a parent. MCFwatch finds this argument perplexing as the whole point has been missed i.e. USD4320 was stolen.

4. Money USED FOR OTHER EXPENSES such as MCF officials room expenses etc.
By talking to the 3 persons it seemed that Gregory Lau informed EXCO members that money was used for other expenses such as MCF officials hotel rooms. However, based on Peter Long's blog the officials were hosted by the Kasparov Foundation (refer PS1).

Refer Peter Long's blogpost on 12th November 2014 for counter argument to this.

P.S.2: Refer also to Peter Long's blogpost on 25th September 2014 for some background info.

At the end of the day the organisers had intended for the USD4320 to be used to give rebates for participants. Greg Lau/MCF had NO BUSINESS using the money for other purposes.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Who in MCF Stole USD4,320??? Police Report Made?

Apparently, from the documents received by this blog a sum of USD4,320 which should have been distributed back to Malaysian participants in this event have been kept or stolen by an MCF official for whatever reasons.

The name of the official who received the money is stated in the Payment Voucher issued by the organisers.

Hopefully, MCF will discuss this matter in this coming November EXCO Meeting and subsequently conduct an investigation into this matter and at the same time suspend the official involved while investigation is being conducted.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

FIRST Corruption Report Email Received!!!

Just hours after this blog was set up, this blog received an email at at 11.30AM outlining the details of an alleged crime committed by an MCF official.

It seems that the crime in question involves the amount of more than USD4,000 and the event happened during the 15th ASEAN Age Group held in Macau in June this year.

We will go through the email first before deciding whether to publish the documents received or not.

Corruption in MCF!?

Corruption in MCF - Greg Lau & Tan Sri Ramli implicated.

Read Peter Long's blogpost:-

( Greg Lau - Wearing Tie, Standing )

Purpose of "MCF watch" blog

The purpose of this blog is to expose the corruption and/or abuse of power in the Malaysian Chess Federation or MCF by the EXCO members.

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